Allergy Advice

Our products are made in a kitchen where nuts, sesame, gluten and dairy are all also handled. The same equipment is used for all our products. Sugar Croft Faerie cannot guarantee that any of our products are 100% free from known allergens. Please note the following details and feel free to contact us if you require further information.

Nuts: Where a product contains nuts, the name of the product usually includes the particular nut. In addition to this, when our marshmallows are made, groundnut oil is used to help handle them.

Sesame: Our Sesame-Ginger Truffles contain tahini and sesame seeds.

Gluten: None of our products knowingly contain gluten. We use high-quality ground spices made from 100% spice.

Dairy: Our dark chocolate may contain traces of milk.

Eggs: Only our Coconut Joys contain eggs which are used to make marshmallow crème. Our marshmallow crème is bought in and not made on site.

Soy: All our chocolate contains an emulsifier made from soy leicthan.


Vegetarian and Vegan Products

All our products are suitable for vegetarians except for our marshmallows and any product containing cola bottles.  Currently, I am unable to guarantee that any of my products are 100% suitable for vegans because the dark chocolate may contain traces of milk.